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Best 10 Five Stars Hotels In Switzerland

1. The Omnia
When it arrive to the top five star hotel of Switzerland, The Omnia hotel is ever taken at first. Its, location, architecture and the design are the first material that makes it to magnificent while the other factors are not to be missed.
Lying in the Swizz Alps, The Omnia has the design which is the mix of two cultures i.e. European and American. The accommodation that you will find here are 30 rooms that comprise 12 suites, restaurants with fireplace, lounge bar, club, cinema, library, boardroom and many more. Also, the pressure freeing rooms and the tantalizing cuisines are not to forget. In general, it is the perfect mix of harmony, peace with luxury. Just be here and search yourself.

2. Grand Hotel Kronenhof
The grand hotel Kronenhof has its place unbroken in Switzerland in the list of the top luxury hotels of Switzerland. Its modern light flooded rooms, best spas, historic architecture from 1848 are any that comprise the main noticeable thing about it.
The unique ease with stunning nature nearby makes it even more than a just 5 star hotel. Spas, Italian and French cuisines, multiple restaurants, and rooms with suites is any that you must check out here.

3. The Dolder Grand
Located in the natural around of Zurich, the Dolder Grand hotel of Switzerland offers its guests a 4,000 square meter spa with restaurants and free Wi-Fi. Everything its rooms offer satellite TVs that Supply scenic view of Lake Zurich,the forest that lying close. Other accommodation comprise 18 treatment rooms, 2 special spa suites, 14 restaurants, bars and various other facilities. It is not just the luxury that drives guests here but also the pretty nature with magnificent view nearby.

4. Kulm Hotel St. Moritz
The Kulm hotel located in the heart of St. Moritz in the Engadine offers its visitors a lovely view of the lake St. Moritz in its surrounding. Extensively recognized as the foundation of the winter sports, the hotel also served as the stage of the first electric light and the host of the 1928 and 1948 Olympics. Today, it mix the unique history, modern luxury, upgraded amenities with pretty fashion. With 172 rooms and suites, the hotel offers its guests the excellent craftsmanship with total comfort

5. The Chedi Andermatt – A GHM Hotel
Surrounded by the Natural view of the Swiss Alps, the Chedi Andermatt located at just 2 hour train ride from the Zurich. The hotel perfectly offers its guests a touching of traditional and naturalistic facilities with restaurants, cozy lounges, living rooms, boutiques, pools and the pretty alpine landscape nearby. The facilities are extremely ungraded with various suites, spas, events and various other services. Being one the leadership and well-known hotel in Switzerland, it is visited by many guests and has received positive response from both the guests and staff.

10. Steigenberger Grand Hotel Belvedere
Steigenberger grand hotel belvedere is other 5 star hotel of Switzerland that is situated in the heart of Davos which is located at just 3 minute walk from the convention center of Switzerland. The hotel maiden opened in 1875, now offers traditional services that are upgraded with topmost ease. The pools, massage centers, spas, saunas, steam baths, restaurants, bars, casinos, night life and museum are attractive and brings you the happiness you have never felt before. The deluxe suites with pretty rooms also combine luxury with a traditional touch.

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