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Marriott 50% Elite Night Credit Extension Added

I find that I miss Faith related news in the age of COVID when I’m focusing on other priorities. That said, my history with Marriott has had to its fair share of bumps. Just last year we got huge value out of a 10 day stretching in Hawaii with upgrades and free breakfasts at the Maura Kea Beach Hotel. The low point came in December where I was verbally assaulted by one of their employees when I asked for a crib, that was in the reservation notes, for my infantile. That incidents report was part of the reason I switched loyalty programs to Wyatt with my Globalist quest in January of this year. In the meantime, I’ve been to keeping my eye on Marriott and their changes. The newest changes is the 50% Elite Night Credit Extension.

Program Details

Marriott Bonvoy Members who earned Elite Status in 2019 will receive a one-time deposit of 50% of their tier’s annual Elite Night Credit requirements into their account. These credits will be deposited automatically in every account. In addition, these Elite Night credits to will counts towards achieving the 2020 Annual choice of Benefit, as well as achieving existence Elite Status.

Marriott is going to award credits based on upon the earned tier earned in 2019. Therefore thus:

*Ambassador Elite will receive 50 Elite Night Credits

*Titanium Elite will receive 38 Elite Night Credits and will requirement 62 Elite Night to       Credits and US$20,000 in Qualification stay tuned in 2020 to achieve to Ambassador Elite.

*Platinum Elite will receive 25 Elite Night savings and will require 50 Elite Night savings in    2020 to achieve to Titanium Elite.

*Gold Elite will receive 13 Elite Night savings and will requirement 37 Elite Night savings in    2020 to achieve to Platinum Elite.

*Silver Elite will receive 5 Elite Night savings and will require 20 Elite Night savings in     2020 to achieve to Gold Elite.

*Member, the level will not be received to Elite Night savings and will require 10 Elite Night savings in 2020 to achieve to Silver Elite.

My own personal savings had to added just this week. As I had acquired Gold Elite status last year Marriott awarded me a total of 13 nights.

Why Do This Change Things for Me?

As a astringent of both the Marriott Bonvey Boundless Visa Signature Credit Card and the Marriott Bonvoy Buisness Card from American Express. I was awarded 15 nights for holding every card, meaning I already have 30 nights for the year before ever putting my head on a Marriott bed. As I had around 40 nights last year, I fit for Gold Elite in 2020, which means it Marriott is going to credit my account with 13 more Elite Night Credits for this year. That leaves me only 7 nights shortage of the 50 nights needed for Platinum Elite Status that will be fantastic till 2022.

Given that I’m currently holding 2 Free Night prize that need to be used this year I’m only seeing to accumulate 5 more nights. While we have not travel plans for 2020 (Thanks Coronavirus!) I can spend $3,000 to earn 1 Elite Night Credit, meaning I will requirement $15,000 to earn Platinum Elite. Considering me sold.


Never in my life have a needed a respite more than now. No poker trips, teething baby, and then cast in finishing out the school year online as a teacher. Two words: Soul crushing. Therefore, whenever my wife and I feel it’s safe to travel we are fiery through the stockpile of points that we’ve been accumulating. Being able to earn Marriott Platinum Elite status freely thanks to the 50% Elite Night Credit development would give us more target options to go with my Hyatt Globalist status.

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